Labour accused of ‘underhand dealings’ at Westhoughton Town Council

Westhoughton Town Hall
Westhoughton Town Hall
Westhoughton Town Hall
Westhoughton Town Hall

Labour councillors were last night accused of “underhand dealings” at Westhoughton Town Council.

Independent councillor Jack Speight had hoped to become deputy mayor of the town.

But his plans were quickly¬†overruled by Labour councillors and Mr Speight said that “underhand dealings” had blocked his progress.

Instead a newly-apppointed Labour councillor, Anne Graham, was awarded the role.

Mr Speight told the Bolton News:¬†“These decisions are being taken behind the scenes at council level and I feel very sad that this has happened.

“I have been a town councillor for three years and have one of the best records of attendance and yet a councillor who has just been elected has been given the role, it is not her fault, it is just party politics and this is how it works.”

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