Labour asked developers to submit plans for new Westhoughton houses

Could Westhoughton be facing more than 4,000 new houses?
Could Westhoughton be facing more than 4,000 new houses?

Labour town hall bosses asked developers to submit sites for house building, resulting in plans for more than 4,000 houses across Westhoughton.

Developers want to build 1,000 houses at Hulton Estate and already have permission for 300 at Lee Hall, while building work on 129 at Bowlands Hey has begun.

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework identifies where developers want to build. Labour town hall chiefs asked them to come forward with new sites.

When Liberal Democrat campaigners proposed a vote to pull out of the framework, Labour’s three Westhoughton borough councillors chose to keep the building plans.

Our campaigner Deirdre McGeown, who is standing in the White Horse by-election on Thursday 8 March, said: “Labour were quite happy to ask developers for their views, but when it came to asking residents, it was too little, too late.”


  1. DJust when will these council people realise that our Westhoughton is bursting at the seams for utilities and the infrastructure has never been considered for upgrade even though many many people have tried including me all to no avail it just falls on deaf ears yes ignored.This latest proposal of over 4000. Is down right rediculous which ever way anyone tries to spin it. Back off and leave our town alone Bolton council.
    You will gridlock Westhoughton altogether should you even consider these proposals by strangling our already over populated town. Just think about this 4000 new homes even with a one car family which is unlikely at best equates to 4000 cars which equals CHAOS. What Bolton council needs to remember that they are there to serve the community not rape it by selling off every square inch of land in Westhoughton.

    Les Wareing (Mr)

    1. Labour in Bolton are not bothered with Westhoughton except as a cash cow.As long as it does not impact on their core vote they don’t care.Its easy to use green land it takes brains to find alternative places.

  2. Doctors and dentists have huge waiting lists. The high school is full. The council closed junior schools and are now having to build more. Westhoughton is viewed by the council as a cash cow. So more houses mean more money. Sod the people living there.

  3. What happens in Westhoughton. Affects Atherton in Bolton West. Roads already overloaded schools, Dr Dentist just to mention a few. The new Mayor for greater Manchester wants a precept on the rates berween £’10 and £30 Labour will vote this in Next month. To go on this years rates. After the elections they will pass all these new housing plans. This is how they do things. How will the precept be spent all in Manchester

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