This Labour councillor’s comments about Westhoughton will make you mad

A comment by Labour councillor Gillian Williams
A comment by Labour councillor Gillian Williams

A Labour councillor in Westhoughton has claimed people are “living in cloud cuckoo land” if they think new businesses would want to open in Westhoughton.

The comments by town councillor Gillian Williams fly in the face of successful recent new openings in the town centre including The Beer School, Koo cafe bar and The Card Factory.

In a public Facebook post Councillor Williams commented:

“I think that anyone who thinks that a business would want to open a new shop in Westhoughton is living in cloud cuckoo land. People want small houses in the town centre.”

The comment came just months after Labour councillors scrapped start up grants to support new Westhoughton town centre businesses but found £300,000 for Asons solicitors in Bolton. They then approved house building plans for the Gaiety snooker hall site next door to The Beer School.

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson, who is backing our town centre traders, said: “This bizarre comment by a Labour councillor shows what they really think of our town. While they might be happy talking our town down, we are inundated with people who are finally getting excited about all the new openings in our town.

“A number of local people have invested their time and money to open new businesses and I fully support them. It is not easy but look what happens. We now have a really thriving town centre with only two empty units.”


  1. And she lives in Westhoughton? Obviously not a proper howfener! Support your local businesses peeps!

  2. Nothing will change Until those people of Westhoughton who vote & voted labour realise how labour will never support Westhoughton – be it for business or appropriate housing & infrastructue

    1. Where is this lady from?….pardon me but I do not know her, never heard of her or want to if this is her idea of promoting business or community…she is obviously interested in property…..wait untill she is in her older age…where will she go for her shopping…friendships….community spirit….on a bus to the retail units in Bolton, Leigh…etc..or perhaps will have everything dilivered….we need people on the streets of Westhoughton visiting SHOPS…..and hats what lots of people want too…..local retailers that care about people…not high street giants that only want your money…even though they say it a bargain…..it’s not a bargain… its business….plain and simple…money!….
      Politicians….lol….they get paid win or loose……they also come and go…..just a name…good or bad ones…but still just a name…..

      1. This lady is from & loves Westhoughton & I am of an age where I now have a bus pass! I totally support the need for more footfall & businesses in Westhoughton who will cater for every age group both for shopping & socialising & slowly we are starting to get that improvement. What sickens me are the plans which our labour council are continually proposing for more houses on greenbelt land without ensuring the infrastructure is in place to support it – have you been along Park Road at rush hour recently?
        The money from Bolton Council continuously goes to Bolton Centre & is depriving Westhoughton of the werewithal for continuous progression

  3. They want to bring westhoughton down to the same as Bolton town centre,it’s a third world town.At least I can get my hair cut anytime in Westhoughton.

    1. And assumedly that is at the best LOCAL Barbers in Town – KALS. All hard working, totally professional, local kids, grown into great young adults and super role models for the next generation who will benefit from having a LOCAL community.

  4. Maybe she should speak to the people before opening her mouth about things she clearly knows nothing about. we have enough houses built in Westhoughton as it is, the roads are atrocious and the facilities we do have do not cater for the amount of people here already.When you have a young man and his family busting a gut to keep our market alive, which in turn will bring people back onto the main street. The shops should be supported before we just become another commuter town, let’s face it we are half way there. So hear this Gillian Williams do not speak for me without first hearing my opinion.

  5. How very dare you,to hell with your misguided,uneducated comments, no mention of our wonderful market the Hargreaves family and the people who have invested so much time and money,blood sweat and tears into this community ,without them and us the market wld be so closed ,,why because misguided people like you don’t give a damn,you will come n go,no wonder we arenot interested in you,you have no interest in this community,you are all out for self gain,who the hell are you anyway,never heard of you,don’t want to so completely bog off n get a different life.

  6. I’ve just been back to Westhoughton from overseas and can’t believe how thriving it is – it’s great how it’s got back on its feet. That stupid woman needs booting out

  7. Gill is lovely and works hard for nothing in Daisy Hill, her comments may have been mistrued but ask her regarding them instead of being one-sided

  8. Bolton council will not do anything for Westhoughton they build drug dens for teenagers see Wingates the land Bolton council forgot on youtube.

  9. I love living in Westhoughton. There is no need to go elsewhere for shopping as we have everything right here. We certainly do not need more housing-the roads can’t cope with the traffic with the present housing. I can walk to the shops for everything I need every day-no need to use a car !

  10. I love to go have a mooch around westhoughton! It’s got a nice variety of little shops,cafes etc,love it! And the posh Deli,if you feel like spoiling yourself,I live in hindley so it’s like a breath of fresh air to go there,lovely to see it thriving!!!! She’s talkin from her rear end!

  11. Bolton Labour Councillors should be encouraging business and enterprise in every part of the borough. Unfortunately Bolton Council weren’t too concerned about the closure of the Nat West bank and the inconvenience caused to it’s customers.

  12. I will tell yoo what Westhoughton needs and that is more parking spaces, there was a perfectly good car park in Westhougton, which served the people of Westhoughton for many years and what did the council doo?
    They built a bloody Sainsburys on it.
    I got a parking ticket in Victoria Street and it cost me 35 flamin quid, I mean do traffic wardens want to drive people away from Westhoughton Town Centre.
    I wouldn’t open a shop in Westhoughton, because there is nowhere to park and that car park at the back of the Town Hall is too far away for most businesses in the town centre and the traffic wardens would frighten away any other potential shoppers.

    1. I shop in Westhoughton all the time & have never not been able to park. Ok, at times it gets a little busy & I may have to drive around for 5 mins, but whether it is behind the town hall , or the two car parks in the precinct, there are plenty of car parking facilities. It’s people who park indiscriminately who usually cause the problems. I think it’s great that the car parks are nearly full, shows the footfall is increasing.

  13. She’s got an agenda, and so obviously one of Cliff Morris’ idiots – the dump more houses in Westhoughton agenda? if she’s not for the town and people, get out! the two new bars in Westhoughton are packed and and are a great success, more new business’ are needed not less, the new ice cream shop WobblyCow is more evidence of this.

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