Labour claims Westhoughton has its ‘fair share’ of funding from Bolton Council

110-112 Market Street
110-112 Market Street

Labour councillors have refused to agree to spending the money from the sale of 110 and 112 Market Street on Westhoughton.

Westhoughton Liberal Democrats have demanded that the council reinvests the money in Westhoughton after the town has long been neglected by Labour-run Bolton Council.

But a Westhoughton Labour councillor has insisted that the town has had its “fair share” of funding already!

Previously My Westhoughton revealed that Bolton Council leader Cliff Morris ordered the sale of 110 and 112 Market Street at a secret meeting.

Embattled Labour cronies were quick to accuse your Westhoughton Liberal Democrat team of LYING when we exposed the secret plan. These were the words of one Labour campaigner on social media recently:


But the proof quickly emerged. Labour chief Cliff Morris DID give the go-ahead for the sale of the historic buildings. Minutes from the private meeting emerged which confirmed the decision:

Cliff Morris's secret meeting
Cliff Morris’s secret meeting
Proof that Labour sold the Market Street buildings
Proof that Labour had a plan to sell off the Market Street buildings

Labour’s REFUSAL to commit to spending the sale money on long-neglected Westhoughton has prompted an outrage from residents who fear the money will be given away by Cliff Morris to another rich business, in the same way he gave Asons solicitors £300,000.

On Thursday 23 February, a vote for Labour in the Daisy Hill or Wingates by-elections is a vote of law firms. Let’s put our town first. Vote Rebekah Fairhurst for Daisy Hill and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon for Wingates.

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