Labour reject ‘new shops for Market Street’

David Wilkinson at the Gaiety snooker hall site
David Wilkinson at the Gaiety snooker hall site

Plans to build 15 houses on Market Street have been approved by Labour councillors as they rejected an idea to introduce new shops.

The plan, for the old Gaiety snooker hall site, was approved by Westhoughton Town Council on Monday night.

But Liberal Democrat councillor David Wilkinson said that the plan was not ambitious enough and should have included at least some retail units fronting onto Market Street.

David said: “Market Street is growing in popularity. We have a lower than average number of empty shops and we’ve seen quite a few new openings in recent weeks. Westhoughton will continue to grow and so will our main street. It is simply irresponsible to allow this valuable town centre space to be used simply for houses.”

David also said that losing the car park next to The Wheatsheaf pub would impact shoppers because there was already a lack of car parking during busy periods.

He said: “Westhoughton’s Labour councillors just don’t get it. We should be doing everything we can to support our town centre by creating the space for new small businesses to open and grow.”


  1. Well said david who wants to live next to that noisy pub . market st is for shops!! That end of market st struggles enough lets see more investment for the town . labour are a joke they are very good at spending money on things we don’t need!!!

    1. That noisy pub is one of the best pubs around here which has a good level of employment! Building these daft houses would pretty much be the end of the Wheatsheaf as it is and mean upto 10 people lose there jobs! #labourquickcashscum

  2. NO MORE HOUSES!! Especially until we have the resources to deal with the extra people! The doctors are an nightmare already and I believe there should of been another doctors surgery when the massive estate went up on the metal box site, we didn’t get one,we should of had a medical centre attached to the high school, didn’t happen. Too many of my family members have to travel to other parts of Bolton for basic medical needs at a cost to themselves in bus fare or taxi fare!! We need more shopping and medical facilities in Westhoughton, Are the people buying those houses going to be happy with all the noise from a pub and takeaways very late at night/ early hours of the morning? May be that’s the plan have no facilities and just have houses! Bolton council are happy to keep taking services away from Westhoughton, we are easily forgotten in Howfen and forever shoved to the back of the queue for everything, we only count when elections come around!

    1. I have to travel to little Hilton to see a doctor because I can never get an appointment useless I know a month in advance as to I’ll be poorly or not

  3. Did the council ask? Did they f**k. These people apparently live round here and if anyone knows who they are give them hell about it. They think they can do this for no reason without asking anybody? The system is power mad.

  4. Never any different – whatever the residents wants the councillors know best it seems. Westhoughtonneeds to attract shoppers to keep it alive and we can’t service more people in a town packed with families and no services

  5. David i like your thoughts for Westhoughton. Shame the market is not better than it could be. #shoplocal that said it is a shame trying to create an account on here is soooooo difficult. Defeated and giving up.

    1. So when did you last visit the market….Lot of new stalls in the back and there was a great day for St George’s day and this was all put on by the traders. What the market needs is the support from the townspeople. Less negativity by people who dont even come into the market.

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