Leaked confidential papers reveal Labour’s secret plan to build houses off Church Street

David Wilkinson at Trackside Approach
David Wilkinson at Trackside Approach

Labour’s plans to build hundreds of new houses off Church Street have been revealed in confidential documents leaked to The Bolton News.

The open space next to The Gates primary school and running behind Church Street is included in Bolton Council’s plans for 5,000 new houses across Westhoughton’s open spaces.

Land near The Gates

When challenged by councillor David Wilkinson about the plan for “future housing supply”, a Westhoughton Labour councillor accused him of “lies” – but this latest revelation proves that David was right all along.

The confidential documents reveal there are numerous areas which are the subject of applications by PSP Bolton LLP.

This is the council’s partnership with private investment firm PSP which it uses in a bid to maximise its return on land and property assets and generate new income for the authority.

PSP Bolton LLP has successfully secured planning permission and sold a number of sites throughout the borough.

The council benefits from the sale of its land and also from a share in the “uplift in value” the land receives from planning permission being obtained.

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David Wilkinson said: “This revelation shows that we really can no longer trust what Labour say in Westhoughton.

“Westhoughton’s roads, doctors, dentists and schools would not be able to cope with all these extra houses and we would lose yet another open space.”

It is time for a big change in Westhoughton. Vote for David Wilkinson (Westhoughton South) and Derek Gradwell (Westhoughton North) on Thursday to protect our open spaces.

Say NO to the 5,000 houses

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Other open spaces earmarked for new houses include:

Open space at Quakerfields


Open space at Collingwood Way

Collingwood Way

Open space behind Oxlea Grove

Oxlea Grove

Public open space along Hindley Road

Hindley Road

Open space near Eatock Way

Eatock Way

Land next to Sainsbury’s and The Welland

The Welland / Sainsbury's land

Former council yard off Park Road

Council yard

Council bosses also asked other landowners what sites they wanted to develop for houses. They needed no encouragement to submit vast areas of Westhoughton, including:

  • Land to the west of Wingates Industrial Estate
  • Bowlands Hey, to the north of Wigan Road and the west of Church Street
  • Burnt House Farm, north of Dobb Brow
  • Lee Hall from Chequerbent roundabout to Wigan boundary
  • Lands Farm from Hindley Road to Atherton
  • Ditchers Farm from the A6 to the motorway
  • Land off Chew Moor Lane, going up the slope of Snydale Hill
  • Land between Bolton Road and the A6, west of Snydale Gate Farm
  • The entire Hulton estate (land between Lee Hall, Newbrook Road, the A6 and Atherton)
  • Land north of the A6 up to the motorway between Chequerbent and Four Lane Ends

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