Save Lee Hall from 300 houses

Councillor David Wilkinson at Lee Hall
David Wilkinson opposes the 300 houses for Lee Hall because our busy roads could not cope with the extra traffic they would bring.

A mega housing estate is threatening to swamp Westhoughton’s roads with hundreds of new cars.

Lee Hall development
Lee Hall development

300 houses could be built on one of the town’s last-remaining green fields at Lee Hall, behind Park Road and Platt Lane.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson has slammed the plans as “unwanted” because of fears that the town’s roads could not cope with the extra traffic.

David said: “It’s not just the traffic we have to worry about. This would put too much pressure on our schools, doctors and dentists. This plan simply cannot go ahead.”

Sign the petition to save Lee Hall

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I object to the Persimmon Homes application to build 300 homes at Lee Hall.

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  1. Let’s face reality westhoughton people will not be able to afford these houses. The people buying them will not put anything back into westhoughton but will want access to schools, doctors etc westhoughton is full go away peel holdings and persimmon homes we don’t want you

  2. The amount of Traffic in Westhoughton during the mornings is already extremely busy. Train Station car parks already spill onto the roads and cause serious obstruction particularly in Daisy Hill. More houses (people commuting) will cause constant delays and strain on schools and access to doctor appointments.

  3. Park Road is a nightmare at rush hour as it stands now. The roads simply cannot accommodate all of the potential traffic. School and Surgery places are highly sought after. If this goes ahead it cannot bring good things to Westhoughton, only congestion and a lottery for services

  4. Our children need green space to grow up in there is an abundance of wildlife living in these fields including deer yes deer!!! It will be a tragedy if these fields are taken away.

  5. Money talks louder than the people who lives will be blighted There are plenty of brown land sites where new builds would improve the area and bring jobs but would Permission build social housing or over priced shoe boxes! obvious the houses that bring more profit .These people have no empathy.They wouldn’t be stuck in traffic jams ,struggling to get their children into a school ,or trying to get a doctor’s appointment so difficult because of over population.

  6. We don’t need anymore houses it’s roads we need around westhougton traffics at a standstill every where’s grid locked no more houses

  7. There is enough congestion already in westhoughton , we don’t need any more houses as this will just make matters worse – what we do need is to keep the green land and the wildlife that lives there

  8. Persimon Homes are only interested in how much money they can make for their share holders, they are not interested in the environment or the caos all the extra traffic will bring with the building of these houses. Have they taken into account where the extra children from these houses will get their education or where they will get their health care from, as the doctors and dentists are allready stretched to full capacity- no i’m affraid they haven’t considered these aspects. What planet are these people from?. Please sign and lets hope we can stop these greedy money grabbing people from ruining our Westhoughton.

  9. When are councils councilors and politicalans going to fight to improve roads in westhoughton and make it a nice town again instead of a through put to wigan/bolton/Atherton.

  10. Westhoughton used to be a lovely place but it is being spoiled by developments, i am a school crossing patrol in Westhoughton and see first hand the amount of traffic on the roads which are gridlocked some mornings, surely everyone can see we DO NOT need any more houses here.

  11. I know the congestion is terrible and the difficulty getting to see a doctor is atrocious, but my main gripe is the effect all these new estates are having on the drainage infrastructure. A decent downpour and many of westhoughtons roads turn into rivers, I’ve personally had to take action to stop my garage flooding. Just wondering if I could sue Bolton council for damages. Seems to get worse with each new development.

  12. We dont need anymore houses in westhoughton theres plenty of them for sale all over this area, they should take count of how many houses are for sale in certain areas before they allow any more to be built. And all services, traffic and its about time councils did what their paid to do and that is take notice of people living here. Not that they ever do, still want your rate’s and vote’s do they.

  13. For all the reasons mentioned by others (vehicles, roads, schools, health services, a range of properties for sale in the area) Westhoughton does not need 300, or any, new homes in this or any other part of Westhoughton.

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