Liberal Democrats’ budget plan: £4m to fix broken roads and cut councillors by third

Bolton Town Hall
Bolton Town Hall

Westhoughton’s broken roads could be repaired quickly if Bolton Council accepts Liberal Democrat proposals to invest £4 million.

Residents are furious that the Labour-run council has long-neglected Westhoughton’s crumbling roads.

An alternative plan will be put forward by the Liberal Democrats at a meeting on Wednesday night.

The idea would be partly funded by axing a third of borough councillors.

Westhoughton campaigners Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and Rebekah Fairhurst said: “Here are some sensible, fully costed proposals that will finally start to address some of the problems affecting communities like Westhoughton. The question is, will Labour listen?”

The fully costed proposals include:

  • Provide an extra £4 million for residential road repairs.
  • Reduce councillor special responsibility allowances by £62,000 and scrap the Bolton Scene magazine to save £53,000. Use the savings to reverse cuts to corporate parenting/virtual school and children leaving care.
  • Reverse cuts to the school meals subsidy.
  • £83,000 to fund dog fouling enforcement and education.
  • Scrap the £1 million capital investment in Bolton One sauna facilities and use the money to provide a £500,000 investment to tackle homelessness and £450,000 investment in a competition to encourage high-value, high-tech industry in the town.
  • Invest £2 million in the successful empty homes scheme, bringing more of the nearly 5,000 empty homes across the town back into use.
  • Approach the electoral commission with a view to cutting the number of councillors from three per ward to two in order to achieve savings of over £300,000.
  • Recover the £300,000 grant paid out to Asons solicitors and use the money, to delay for one year any cuts to Positive Activities free play service and youth service provision – protecting between 30-52 council positions.

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