Meet Arthur Price, your Westhoughton North candidate

Councillors Arthur Price and Bernadette Eckersley Fallon
Councillors Arthur Price and Bernadette Eckersley Fallon

Arthur Price is your Liberal Democrat candidate for the Westhoughton North ward in the upcoming local elections on Thursday 6 May. We caught up with Arthur to find out more about him and why he wants to represent you.

Why do you want to represent Westhoughton on Bolton Council?

I have lived in Westhoughton with my wife and family for the past 39 years. I have seen many changes to the town but still of the opinion that it is a fantastic place to live.

I will always try my best to sincerely serve the community by striving to represent residents’ views and values  and positively driving forward improvements to the town’s infrastructure and improvement in the delivery of quality and effective public services.

I’m sure many residents will agree with me that there needs to be a degree of common sense in local politics and I hope I can bring that no nonsense attitude to improving and protecting our town.

Councillor Arthur Price with his wife Lynn, a retired nurse, at the Westhoughton Cenotaph

You have served as Mayor of Westhoughton, not once, but twice. What did you learn from that experience?

I had the honour of serving as Town Mayor for two terms in 2005/2006 and 2018/2019. The experience I gained from the role was immense.  It is fair to say that both of my mayoral terms were very successful. I worked very hard to embrace the full ethos of the roll and endeavoured to raise the profile of the Mayoral office.

I was humbled by the generosity of the Westhoughton people.  By the end of both my terms of office we were able to raise much needed funds for charitable organisations within the town.

Councillor Arthur Price litter picking with volunteers

What are the issues you think Westhoughton is facing?

Unfortunately Westhoughton is under constant threat from developers who want to take away our last remaining green fields. The town is suffering from over development without any consideration for our infrastructure.

I recently spoke out against plans for a mega industrial estate on green fields at Wingates and Four Gates and attended the appeal into the plans.

We also have an environmental problem with so much litter blighting our streets. I love getting out and about with my council colleague Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and volunteers to carry out litter picks in our community.

I also think we need to do our best for the young people of Westhoughton. I am a trustee of the Westhoughton Educational Fund. I’m also a big advocate for the great work that the Bolton Lads and Girls Club do for us in Westhoughton and enjoyed pulling a pint with Bernadette at the Bolton Beer Festival to help raise funds for them!

Arthur Price and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon pulling a pint
Arthur Price and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon pulling a pint to raise funds for Bolton Lads and Girls Club

Arthur needs your support on Thursday 6 May. Please consider using your vote to elect him as your next Westhoughton North with Chew Moor councillor.


  1. Snydale way litter as i have informed on several occasions is obvious nothing about to happen from councill or complaints to newsletters how should i vote no one is interested. waste bin no oh well carry on litter throwing.

    1. Hi Sam. We are aware of the issues here and I’m pleased to say that the council is going to do a clean up of the area, however because it is class as a “high speed” location a lane has to be temporarily closed to do this (different regulations apply for high speed roads), but rest assured that it is going to happen.

      1. I reported this problem to the council a number of weeks ago . I do know if you realise but it is not just a case of ordinary litter . There are tiny pieces of blue and white plastic all over the place . I am certain that this is coming from the recycling plant on A6 at chequerbent . It needs investigating. The clean up could cost an absolute fortune as I feel all the top layer of soil and vegetation would have to be removed and replaced

  2. Hi Arthur, thanks for the update,Enid & I will be voting for the Lib Dems in May. You have certainly done extremely well since I new you from Metal Box in the 1970s & 80s. Keep up the good work. Regards Ken & Enid Hartley.

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