More green fields to go on west side of Westhoughton?

Bellway digging test holes
Bellway digging test holes
Bellway digging test holes
Bellway digging test holes

Bellway are still building the Bowlands Hey Phase I (129 houses) off Collingwood Way and are now tree felling, grubbing out hedgerows and soil stripping on Phase II ( 169 houses).

Both these sites were approved by a government planning inspector after 3 public inquiries.

They have now been seen digging test pits and surveying in the fields beyond Dobb Brow Road (the dirt footpath from Dobb Brow to Old Lane). This area goes up to the railway line we are expect another planning application for a couple hundred houses any time.

This will mean that The Fairways will be extended into the sites with a bridge over Pennington Brook.

This will leave 3 unbuilt areas this side of the railway.

West of Dobb Brow owned by Bellway North of Dobb Brow was put forward in 2015 as an housing site. Part of Westhoughton golf course. The other side of the railway line.

Peel have applied for a massive new industrial estate, we are awaiting the decision of the Secretary of State Robert Jenrick if he will give planning permission for this green belt site.

With his decision last year to allow a 1,000 plus houses on the Hulton estate on the east side of Westhoughton its not looking good.

If he gives permission then it’s likely that it will open up all the Green Belt land in Wingates, Four Gates, Brinsop and the Hilton House areas of Westhoughton.


  1. I am not a “natural” lib dem fan. However, I am most impressed by the efforts you are putting in to safeguard what little is left of the green fields in our area. Thank you so much for the work you are engaged in our behalf. It is not healthy for any area to be completely devoid of green fields, hedgerows and trees. Not to mention our wildlife habitats. Where do these animals go? Please continue your good work. It is appreciated.

    1. Thanks Gillian. We try our best for Westhoughton and will continue to do so. It’s such a shame to see our green fields being destroyed by overdevelopment.

  2. Surely there must be something local people
    and councillors can do to stop this tragedy of killing wildlife and walking areas. We are already totally gridlocked every morning and evening with traffic chaos. Come on Howfeners let’s give them a proper feight this time.

  3. We live on the A6 near Brinsop Hall and were approached by Peel Holdings who have already acquired more land in the area. Our one acre is not for sale. The Green belt was created for a reason. It is unacceptable that big businesses can come along and wipe out huge areas of green space and hence the wildlife, just because it is close to the motorway.

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