Neil Maher calls for action on Westhoughton speeding

Councillor Neil Maher on Washacre
Councillor Neil Maher on Washacre
Councillor Neil Maher on Washacre

Westhoughton town councillor Neil Maher is calling on Bolton Council to take action to stop speeding cars in the town.

Speeding vehicles have become a major issue across Westhoughton, in particular on Washacre and at the Wigan Road junction with Southfield Drive, both of which have seen accidents recently.

Neil said: “There’s a big problem with speeding in Westhoughton. We’ve had a number of accidents in recent months.

“The Liberal Democrat team has been pressing Bolton Council for action on Washacre and at the bend on Wigan Road.

“We really do need good safety measures on our roads.”


    1. Please note speed ramps do not stop speeding drivers as they are not there cars possible they are stolen its the normal drivers that carry the prunt of this due to damage they do to our own cars

        1. A Truvelo speed camera would be handy, to catch them oncoming, see who the thieves are at the same time aswell as stopping speeders,
          One down church street would be handy aswell, especially near the wellington street turn off.

  1. Just to let you know the problem with speeding on Bolton road is still as bad as ever and the drug dealing and all the rubbish scattered on the roadside. The narrowing of the road has not made a difference. Speed bumps lower down the road would be a better option.

  2. Lower Leigh Road the scene of high speed traffic in both directions has been the victim of a few accidents in the past few years. We have asked for the 30mph sign to start at the boundary coming north and the 30mph zone to continue south through Matherbank into Lower Leigh Road. Ad hoc mobile speed cameras would be ideal, even narrowing the road near to Casson Fold nursery to restrict speed, some come at +60mph in both directions

  3. Agree with Mark’s comments with reference to Bolton Road going up to
    Water Tower.
    During “Lockdown” (if you can call it that ) there are lots of people walking up there as I do.
    Cars flying up and down (one just missed me and my dog one night doing about 80MPH) last week.
    There were at least 10 cars parked up near the top and I’m sure they were not just enjoying the view!!
    One of the occupants even decided to get out and urinate as I walked past.
    Speeding….Covid rule breaking….Drugs…..Police could have a field day up there.

  4. Green Meadows has 20 MPH signs one as you come of Wigan road in a
    tree obscured by branches . It was installed like that the sign on lamp posts as you drive along are too high .,easy to miss.
    so ineffective.

  5. Thank you for your interest and concern.The 20 m.p.h. limit is ignored too often,noticeably on The Hoskers,used by a large number of young children.I suggest repeated mobile police cameras be used and fines issued.

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