New Greek-inspired restaurant to open in Westhoughton

A new Greek-inspired restaurant has been given permission to open on Market Street at the former dry cleaners.

The Kitchen
New home for The Kitchen restaurant

It will serve modern food and this picture shows some of the inspiration for the place. What do you think?

The Kitchen

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson said: “It’s great to see yet another new business opening on Market Street and it sounds like an exciting venture. I wish them well.”


    1. Why is it a laugh? Westhoughton has lots of great restaurants and the owners have put a lot of time and money into making The Kitchen look great. And it’s opening later this month…

  1. Must make a visit here sounds really good and everybody seemingly loving it so much. It seems to have had much better reviews than other restaurants in the area I think. Hope the venue will be big enough for the trade, perhaps these could have done with the Nat West bank!

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