New road surface for Park Road

New road surface at Park Road
New road surface at Park Road

Park Road was resurfaced this week following complaints about the poor condition of the road.

The stretch between Market Street and Cricketers Way was given a new surface by Bolton Council.

It follows complaints from residents and Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson.

David said: “It’s good that Bolton Council gave us a few crumbs off their table to resurface this road, but I’ve got a list as long as my arm of other roads that need the same treatment.”

Southfield Drive is also being resurfaced this weekend.


  1. Who picks which road to be re surfaced ? Obviously they’ve not a clue I told you before that the lower part of church Street is the worst in westhoughton but of course it’s not done the council needs to spend are money on the council estates roads why not eh ! Why don’t you name the people in charge of all this backward work that’s going on….. An how come the inviroment of health has not been to the idiotic farmer spraying human excramate all over his field s. I’ll tell you why nobody on the council has a clue what to do about it .. me personally if this smell is around any longer I’ll personally pay this farmer an un welcome visit .

  2. Something wants to be done about the double parking on Leigh Road it was awful this morning as a big lorry was going up and because of double parking before the station and afterward took ages getting into Westhoughton and they say they want to build more houses here where is the parking for people who need to get the train for work

  3. The council last I heard was splashing out on a tin of yellow paint in stead of making the car park bigger next to the old park there is enough room behind the pub on council land I might add.. the council should go halfway or all what ever suits with British rail as all the parking is dew to train catchers as parking is to expensive in Manchester and traffic is back log an the council wants more houses with more cars … Brilliant idea yep ? My true comments got deleted off here last time but they still stand F inn P ks . Need a new contract gang tarmac park road this lots rubbish go have a look at the new < lol re surface on the council owned estate priority !!!

  4. If you want any work done that involves the council, you have to learn to play the local politics game, it’s a points game.
    If it’s road improvements you want, adopt a councilor of which ever parties in power. THAT TICS A BOX
    If you want speed restrictions , get a councilor to live on your road, THAT TICS A BOX.
    If you want the grass verges mowing on your road again get a councilor to move in. THAT TICS A BOX
    Parking restrictions introduced …………by now you must know how to play the game.

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