New shop at former Commercial pub

The former Commercial pub
The former Commercial pub

For past few weeks residents have been wondering what is happening at the former Commercial pub on Church Street with scaffolding around building and work being carried out.

It appears that the building will become a shop, possibly a mini-supermarket.

The retail outlet does not need planning permission because under planning regulations, which were changed a few years ago, former pubs can be quickly converted.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “We will have to wait and see what kind of store opens here, but hopefully it will prove to be very useful for nearby residents.

“It is good to see the empty pub building brought back into use.”


  1. thanks counc Wilkinson and what about the existing shops in the area do you not think they might suffer?

    1. Residents have asked how the pub can become a shop without planning permission. Well several years ago central government decided to change the planning regulations to allow empty pubs to become retail or housing without the need for a change of use applications because of the number of them becoming empty. In some cases this as been ok, in others it has not worked, so local councils have no control over such a change of use. What about competition with existing shops and the effects a new shop may have on them? This argument has never been allowed to prevent the opening of new shops as it is a restriction on trade. DW

  2. also Counc I trust that the council will ensure that all checks e.g minimum wage and regulations will be carried out

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