New takeaway plans for 54 Market Street

54 Market Street

New plans have been submitted for 54 Market Street for another takeaway.

The applicant, who is from Bury, does not state what type of takeaway it would be. They want to replace the shop front with a steel shutter across the full width of the building. The ventilation equipment and flue would be on the rear wall.

The opening hours being asked for are 4pm until 11.30pm, 7 days a week apart from Saturday when it will open at 12 noon.

There would be 2 full time members of staff and 2 part timers.

The agent for the application says that there are no takeaways within 50 metres and it will “contribute to the centre’s vitality”.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “The agent is attempting to support their plans by referring to an application in Oldham, which many people will find ridiculous.

“They even say that if the takeaway is refused then their fallback position is to threaten to open a shop which they say could generate extra traffic. Faced with the prospect of yet another takeaway or a new shop, I know which option most people would pick.”

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