Bolton vs Westhoughton: how our roads have been left to crumble

You can almost hear the collective cries of Westhoughton residents.

We are all fed up with the state of our roads and footpaths. They are quite frankly SHAMEFUL and our town has been badly neglected by Bolton Council – especially when you learn of the eye-watering levels of cash spent on improving Bolton town centre.

How Bolton compares to Westhoughton

How Bolton compares to Westhoughton

Fear not! Westhoughton campaigners David Wilkinson and Derek Gradwell are fighting for a better deal.

David and Derek have been reporting potholes all over Westhoughton on a daily basis thanks to a small army of My Westhoughton readers telling us about dodgy roads and footpaths near them.

David Wilkinson said: “Westhoughton taxpayers are paying just as much as Bolton taxpayers so it is incredibly frustrating to see Bolton town centre having perfectly good footpaths ripped up and replaced with even more expensive paving stones, while in Westhoughton we have potholes and broken footpaths galore.

“We are fighting hard to change the situation. Westhoughton deserves to get a fair deal from Bolton Council.”

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  1. Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan says:

    France Street patched up again by what looks to be a total amateur I could tarmac better myself the repairs are an utter disgrace and won’t last a month.

    • My Westhoughton
      My Westhoughton says:

      Thanks for letting us know. We’re going to get down there in the morning and tell the council what we think.

  2. Leyanne Taylor
    Leyanne Taylor says:

    I’m sure there are potholes all over Bolton. Don’t get me wrong, I wish they’d do something about it but i’m pretty sure it’s not just Westhoughton that suffers.


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