Costa cut down trees without permission to pave way for new Westhoughton coffee shop

Costa could be in hot water with Bolton Council after cutting down trees that the council wanted to protect as the coffee chain pushes ahead with plans for a new shop in Westhoughton.

The national chain wants to open a new coffee shop in the former Westhoughton police post on Marsden Street.

But a tree officer at Bolton Council said that the plan to cut down a small group of trees next to the building, to make way for an outdoor seating area, would be “unacceptable”.

Before and after of the trees at site of new Costa

Before and after of the trees at site of new Costa

Despite the recommendation the area has been cleared of all trees and shrubbery.

The tree officer had warned: “The proposed extension will impact on all the trees within a small copse area to the north of the existing building.

“It is considered that these trees form an important tree amenity in this locality and their loss is considered unacceptable.”

The plans for the new Costa have not yet been granted permission.

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