David Wilkinson at the Gaiety snooker hall site

Labour back houses NOT shops for old Gaiety snooker hall site

Labour councillors have been told they have created a “wasted opportunity” after they backing a housing development on the former Gaiety snooker hall site, on Market Street.

Town councillors threw their support behind an uninspiring development of 15 houses on the site despite huge public support for the site to be retained for the development of larger shop units.

Labour claim the landowner has made “valiant” efforts to attract new businesses and they claim they had no choice but to follow rules that allow for a “mix of retail, leisure, employment and housing uses” in the town centre.

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The plans will now be considered by Bolton Council, which could still overrule the verdict by town councillors.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “This is a wasted opportunity. There are a number of people interested in opening businesses on Market Street and soon we will run out of places to put them, especially as the town continues to grow.

“There are already a number of housing sites in the pipeline and this one just isn’t right. For Labour councillors to claim they were just following orders is quite frankly pathetic. Westhoughton deserves better than this.”

I agree, shops NOT houses for the Gaiety snooker hall site

The neighbouring Wheatsheaf pub has raised objections, fearing that new residential neighbours could make complaints about noise from the pub and force its closure, despite buying a property in a busy town centre location.

Housing sites that have permission or are already being built

  • Roscoes Farm 106 houses permission but not started
  • 28 on Church Street land being cleared
  • Land off Trackside Approach to be sold probably around a 100 on the site
  • 20 at the Merlin garage site , site being cleared
  • Possibly 50 on former Greyhound Track waiting for permission
  • 12 on the former Windmill pub site not started yet
  • 5 apartments on Wigan Road
  • Possible 7 apartments on Wigan Road, next No 9 Wigan Road
  • 4 in Dobb Brow got permission
  • Possible 7 on Chorley Road permission applied for
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