Protect Westhoughton’s open spaces

David Wilkinson says Westhoughton’s roads cannot take any more big housing developments

David Wilkinson opposes the 300 houses for Lee Hall because our busy roads could not cope with the extra traffic they would bring. Sign the petition here.

He is also concerned about the potential for hundreds of new houses in Wingates after the sale of a vital piece of land by Bolton Council to housebuilders. Read more about this here.

David is also calling on Bolton Council to put the Southfield Drive playing field back into use by draining the pitch. Our young people need decent places to play.

David wants to protect Westhoughton’s open spaces so that our families can continue to enjoy them for generations to come.

Hulton Estate
Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon on Wingates Lane
Could Westhoughton be facing more than 4,000 new houses?
Hulton Estate