This Thursday, let’s change Westhoughton for the better

This Thursday voters in Daisy Hill and Wingates will be able to elect a new town councillor for their area. This is a chance to give Westhoughton the fresh start that it so desperately needs.

Labour have failed our town. They have neglected our roads, cut our public services and backed Cliff Morris’s failed policies all the way.

Let’s put Westhoughton first by electing Liberal Democrat candidates Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon for Wingates and Rebekah Fairhurst for Daisy Hill. Polls are open from 7am until 10pm.

These are our commitments to you.


We will oppose the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which is Labour’s plan for 4,000 new houses across Westhoughton. It will return to public consultation later this year and we will be a strong local voice against the proposals, which would have a devastating effect on Westhoughton’s infrastructure and open spaces.


For too long, Westhoughton’s town centre has played second fiddle to Bolton. While £300,000 was given away to law firm Asons, Bolton Council scrapped vital start-up grants for small businesses here in Westhoughton. They also prioritised houses over new businesses at Market Street’s former Gaiety Snooker Hall site. We want to champion our local businesses and work with them to develop a thriving local economy.


Westhoughton’s roads left, right and centre are in a mess. Elderly and young alike have had falls on our broken footpaths. Meanwhile, millions of pounds have been spent in Bolton town centre. We will campaign for a greater share of funding for Westhoughton.

Industrial estate

Wingates and Four Gates residents are quite rightly concerned about the prospect of a new mega industrial estate sprawling across 500 acres of green fields from the current industrial site all the way to Dicconson Lane. Imagine the traffic along the A6! We are strongly opposed to these plans and will fight them all the way as the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is developed further.

Town council

Bernie and Rebekah are both passionate about Westhoughton. Isn’t it time we had a town council that was run by the people, for the people? Anyone who has followed our My Westhoughton Facebook page for some time will know that we keep you informed of what’s going on all the year round and we are committed to our great town!

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