Plans for 38 houses at former Perseverance Mill site

Perseverance Mill site
Perseverance Mill site

Plans to build 38 houses on the site of the former Perseverance mill off Bolton Road have been submitted to Bolton Council.

The Wiggett Construction Group plans to demolish the remaining buildings on the land and will construct a new estate made up of two, three, and four-bedroom houses if permission is given.

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  1. That plan also funnels an awful lot more traffic onto an already very busy Bolton Road. Any plans to work to ease the congestion already in the area before adding more homes, people and cars?

  2. The proposed housing on this site will only make traffic congestion worse on Bolton Road. Existing residents on Bolton Road have to put up with a gridlocked road every day at peak times. When the road is clear we have a lot of idiots in powerful cars driving like maniac’s in the evenings and weekends traffic calming measures to enforce the speed limit need to be introduced. The Zebra crossing on Bolton Road which some idiot put on a partially blind bend near the private nursery needs to be moved to a place where motorists can see both sides of the crossing. In recent weeks I have observed on several occasions motorists approaching the crossing from the A6 into Bolton Road failing to stop when people where halfway across.

    The whole town has now got a very serious problem with traffic congestion not to mention the air pollution, Bolton Council needs to urgently address this problem which it has ignored for years and stop the building of more properties till it has.

  3. Would have been better a health centre, we don’t need any more houses in westhoughton,, it’s already gridlocked as it is.

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