Plans for 58 houses off Wingates Lane

Hartley's Farm plans
Hartley's Farm plans

Plans have been submitted for 58 houses on the site of Hartley’s Farm, on Wingates Lane, just before the motorway bridge.

Westhoughton has seen numerous planning application for housing developments in recent months, including six major plans in the Wingates and Four Gates areas alone.

The applicant of the latest plans claims there are excellent road links, nearby bus stops and that Westhoughton railway station is easy to get to.

But what do think of the proposals?

Submit your views to Bolton Council at www.bolton.gov.uk quoting planning reference number 00579/17.

The latest application joins the growing list of sites in the Wingates and Four Gates areas, including:

  • Woodvale off Church Street for 28 houses which are being built
  • Chorley Road where Bolton Council gave permission for 12 houses
  • Dixon Street for up to 14 houses. This was refused by the council but the developer appealed and the decision is expected soon. In this appeal the Planning Inspectorate refused to hold a hearing but it was dealt with by written representations
  • Station House Farm at Hilton House for 9 large houses. This has been refused by council officers because of the impact on the Green Belt.
  • Ratcliffles Farm which is the caravan park on Wingates Lane. The application for 11 houses was refused because of the impact on the Green Belt.


  1. Wingates lane is totally unsuitable for any building as it can not cope with traffic as it is now also it is too close the the motorway for healthy living

  2. Agree that Wingates lane is unsuitable as it’s already clogged with traffic in rush hour and this will only make it worse.

  3. I live very close to this site
    Planning permission was granted in 2009 for three houses,now they want 58?
    The area in question is classed as a land drain from the M61 motorway,basically allowing water to drain off the motorway safeguarding drivers
    Where will this water now go?
    This area is Green Belt,with usual wildlife (deer,owls,ducks) as well as protected water vowls.
    Recently an application to build on the caravan park was refused .The park itself is tarmacadam sypurfaced and has been so since 1960
    So why even look at building on Green Belt no more than 300m away?

  4. Its totally unreasonable to build houses on Wingates Lane, more traffic more pollution no infrastructure and too narrow to boot!!

  5. Have Bolton council not see OUR LANE in the morning and night time when people use our lane as a rat run, plus all the traffic on the A6, it,s a bottle neck as it is.
    God help all us residents if this build get the go ahead on this GREEN BELT!

  6. What rubbish re excellent road links. Wingates and Church Lane are bottle necks and rat runs in the early evening. Narrow roads with cars parked on the side. Also the A6 is jammed at home time. Not to mention when Wanderers are playing.
    The fields and trees around here are a haven for wildlife. What provision has been made for schooling, doctors etc. ?
    Please do not pass these plans.

  7. This is all down to council getting back handed money from some building company there saying NO! To some people and yes to others wanting the same thing building houses. Go build some on the old burnstins ?? Spelling.. sight and that old half demolished factory thing off Bolton road . Why not build houses on that . .

  8. I thought ancient civil war sites were protected , Westhoughton is a big historic site one labour councillor tried to tell me it was just a skirmish, I do not call prince Rupert of the Rhine amassing thousands of men on his way to York when he was blocked here where lots of fighting took place in including a massacre of some 1600.men women and children at Bolton.

  9. The extra traffic resulting from the cars belonging to the owners of some 58 new houses will make the traffic on Church Lane and Wingates Lane even more chaotic than it is now. We, the current residents, would have to endure first construction traffic and then most likely somewhere between 58 and 116 extra cars using this narrow road. Arguments as to who has right of way are already not uncommon and the queues of traffic on match days in particular are an inconvenience to say the least. Personally it is not the planned houses themselves I object to but the increase in the amount of traffic on a road which barely copes already. If a different access point could be found then our traffic problems would not have to be increased. Maybe DICKSON STREET could be turned into a viable access point. It has minimal housing on it and few people have to park on the street there. If Dickson Street could be extended to provide access (only to the new housing, not as a through road) then there should be no increase to the traffic problems already experienced by residents on Church Lane/ Wingates Lane. This may make planning permission/ land aquisition for the extension of Dickson Street more problematic in the short term but would at least preserve the current situation for Church Lane and Wingates Lane residents who already have to put up with a lot of traffic on what is really no more than a residential country Lane.Hopefully my suggestion will be given more than a passing thought as from what other comments I have seen no alternative suggestions have been made and people seem content to complain but not offer any alternative ideas.

  10. I live just off Wingates Lane and now, without these houses I have to queue every evening to access my home it doesn’t matter which direction I come from, there is too much traffic already using Wingates/Church Lane at rush hour both morning and evening.
    If this development is allowed to go ahead there has to be some traffic management put in place to stop Middlebrook traffic using it as a rat run

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