Prepare for FOUR WEEKS of chaos on Bolton railway line

Emergency repairs to a bridge damaged by a burst water main will impact road and rail travel south of Bolton for several weeks.

A burst water pipe caused a section of Moses Gate bridge to collapse onto the railway below and created a hole in the road above on Thursday 17 August.

Major engineering work is needed to make the bridge and highway safe before both the road and railway can be reopened.

The work means the railway line between Bolton and Manchester will remain closed next week and it is anticipated a reduced train service will be in place for the following four weeks. The road could be closed for up to six weeks.

The railway through the area has been closed because of upgrade work at Bolton station as part of the Great North Rail Project. The station and railway between Bolton and Manchester was due to open on Monday (28 August). Work at the station is still scheduled to be completed as planned.

Trains will still run from Bolton to Blackburn and Clitheroe.

Passengers are being urged to plan their journey ahead and check before they travel at www.nationalrail.co.uk.


  1. I’d be more interested in the parking situation at daisyhill station area than some water pipe in Farnworth the trains are still running. It’s quite a joke isn’t it the car park is to small although the old one coped quite well until more houses and more people and more cars so more traffic so people jump the train as traffic is bad and parking charges in the city ….so councillors …the funny side to this is you’ll obtain cash under the table for more new builds no matter what public objections means nothing to back handed money so this ends up as more people and more cars more traffic so more people going on the train so more parked up cars as there all to lazy walk from there house to the station. An Bolton council come to the bright idea of some yellow paint for the roads parking problem so obviously the driver will just drive and park up round the corner no wonder this towns knackered it’s run by idiots.!.!.!. I could solve that problem in 1 day by bulldozing the council owned land next to the new car park flat which is the rear of the pub a slight ramp down to the other.. the spoil push that down the banking chuck some hardcore down done cheap parking
    A better idea than a tin of yellow paint for double yellow lines

  2. I work at man airport this has been a nightmare – drove in for 2 wks now and the m62 – m60 is a joke that’s why I use public transport obviously now need to plan for nxt few weeks any ideas ? Cause it’s costing me a fortune and adding hours to my working day !!!!

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