Railway bridge litter pick

Another litter pick from the Liberal Democrat team

Happy Friday everyone! Another day, another litter pick. This time Councillor David Wilkinson and town councillor Ollie Younge filled 6 bags of litter from around the railway bridge. 👏

It comes just a day after David and Ollie did another litter pick around Wigan Road.

David said: “We carry out regular litter picks in our spare time throughout the year. It’s always nice to chat to residents who are passing by and it feels good to know that we’ve left the area looking tidier.”

David Wilkinson litter picking
Town councillor Ollie Younge


  1. litter bin has been removed from path walking down to bus stop at motorway at chequerbent it has been missing for nearly two years that is one way to help with litter all around that area.

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for letting us know. Our Westhoughton North councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon is going to look into this for you.

  2. There needs to be more litter bins about. There use to be one on Hartford Road near the Hindley road roundabout and opposite the nursery school. It was removed and never replaced. Also the road name for Hartford Road had been missing for at least three years. I myself have telephoned the council twice about this pre Covid. But nothing is done. Why?? These are only small items but seem to be so difficult to rectify when at the end of the day they are another step in keeping Westhoughton clean, tidy and pleasant to look at.

  3. I went down the alleyway between Chorley Rd and Great Bank Rd yesterday and the amount of litter was appalling. I collected it into neat piles but could not find any litter bins other than the Stateside bins! It’s not good enough. Congratulations to the chap on Wesley Street who instigated the green rubbish bags along the railway bridge alleyway!

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