Residents to meet over 129 houses for Collingwood Way

Collingwood Way

Residents will meet to receive an update on the Bellway Homes appeal against the decision to refuse their plans for 129 houses off Collingwood Way.

A public inquiry will begin at Bolton Town Hall from Wednesday 5 July at 10am.

Collingwood Way house plans
Collingwood Way house plans

Residents are being invited to attend a meeting at Westhoughton Reform Club, 2 Park Road, on Tuesday 20 June from 7pm until 8pm to hear about what will happen next.

The original plans were strongly opposed by Westhoughton residents and town councillor David Wilkinson who led a petition against the application.


  1. Look just tell these building contractors if they put one machine on that land it will get burned an every one after that. There is plenty of land in westhoughton which has had buildings on it such as burnsteens , the old factory off bolton road , Walter fashaws old place , how come it’s green fields all the time …… I’ll tell you why green belt is cheaper than land which has or had buildings on it and still cheaper after that by paying bent people on the council under the table money which the benefits to the community never see … Total tossers !!!!. I’ll get some petrol ready !

    1. The old Perseverance mill off Bolton Road is currently being demolished . It has already been earmarked for housing….

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