Residents WALK OUT of meeting as Labour and Tory activists descend into bitter squabble

Lee Hall

Residents concerned by Westhoughton house building plans were forced to WALK OUT of a meeting overshadowed by bitter infighting from Labour and Tory activists.

Labour councillors were accused of protecting their Bolton Council leader Cliff Morris, who has a veto to stop potential sites for future housing development being submitted to the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework.

Meanwhile, a Tory activist ranted with personal attacks, leaving residents dismayed by the tone of the meeting which had been called to discuss the plans for up to 2,900 new houses on the Hulton Estate and at Lee Hall.

Around 130 people attended the Carnegie Hall meeting fearing Westhoughton’s roads will be swamped with thousands of extra cars and the town’s open spaces destroyed forever.


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One resident who quit the meeting told us: “I attended this meeting to find out what practical steps I could take to block these developments. Unfortunately I had to leave before the it ended without the information I needed because it was hindered by people rambling on about personal agendas and not actually listening to what the committee were trying to do.”

Westhoughton Liberal Democrat councillor David Wilkinson, who is leading a petition against Labour’s plans, said: “Residents are quite rightly concerned about these developments and I am doing all I can to support them.

“But it was such a shame that the people who want to represent us could not hold back from bitter, personal infighting.”

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