Revealed: Golf course plans will include HUNDREDS more houses

Hulton Estate

Plans for a new multi-million pound 18-hole golf course at the Hulton Estate near Chequerbent will include HUNDREDS of extra houses, we can reveal.

The plans were described as “exciting” by Westhoughton’s Tory MP Chris Green while Labour councillors have lied about the scale of housing Westhoughton now faces.

Now it has emerged that the golf course application will contain plans for hundreds more houses too – on top of the 1,700 proposed for Lee Hall.

A source close to Peel has confirmed that the company does plan to build high-end and expensive housing on the open space.

Bolton Council bosses have also told us: “The submission talks of a leisure destination and heritage restoration project, with peripheral residential development. It is proposed that the site will offer homes of mixed size, type and tenure, with a focus on family homes at upper-end of the housing market. Peel’s Lee Hall submission talks of 1700 houses. Peel doesn’t specifically refer to numbers on the Parkland area but as much would have to remain open so numbers would be a lot lower than Lee Hall.”

Peel’s plans come just weeks after Liberal Democrat councillor David Wilkinson revealed that Labour town hall bosses had asked developers to suggest new housing sites in Westhoughton.

One Westhoughton councillor accused David of “lying” but since then developers have rushed forward with the golf course site, 1,700 houses at Lee Hall, 131 at Collingwood Way and 14 on a small part of the Ditcher’s Farm site in Wingates – all on top of 176 new houses at Roscoes Farm off Bolton Road.

David Wilkinson said: “It’s like sharks smelling blood and Westhoughton is the victim with no improvements to roads or health facilities being given by developers or demanded by Bolton Council.”

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  1. What about the infrastructure? Our roads are packed as it is at certain times of the days and the main roads are never quiet – has that been taken into account or are the councillors only looking at the revenue the houses will bring in? Also Market Street will have to “up its game” if it wants to retain the footfall; we need more of a variety and fewer beauty and hairdressing shops but not more charity shops and takeaways.

  2. I live in Bailey Fold and it’s difficult getting out on to Park Road now, so this development is certainly not going to help.

  3. Terrible that everyone is going to suffer especially with the traffic congestion, Chequerbent is a nightmare from 4.30 when I’m trying to get home, Our lovely countryside is being destroyed not happy with The Collingwood site, roads too narrow for access and I live off School St/ Old Lane side, we can’t get in or out of street now never mind when they say access through Old Lane !

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