Bolton Council looks set to APPROVE 129 houses off Collingwood Way

Collingwood Way

Plans for 129 new houses off Collingwood Way could soon be APPROVED by Labour-run Bolton Council after the decision was handed over to the local authority’s planning chiefs.

Bolton Council’s planning committee will meet on January 12 but the council has already given planning officers the power to rubber-stamp the controversial plans if councillors on the committee say it is ok.

Hundreds of residents and your Westhoughton Liberal Democrat councillor David Wilkinson teamed up to strongly oppose the plans which would bring traffic chaos to narrow residential streets and increase the burden already felt on congested Church Street.

Councillor Wilkinson said: “This recommendation for approval is a huge slap in the face for Westhoughton residents who could not have made it any clearer that this development is wholly unsuitable.

“It will be interesting to see if Bolton Council do the right thing and stop this development or just go for the extra council tax and £1million they will get if the site is developed.”

Labour leader Cliff Morris
Labour leader Cliff Morris

Labour have already made it clear they see Westhoughton as ripe for more housing development. They have:

  • Unleashed strategy plans for some 4,000 new houses across Westhoughton
  • Relaxed open space protection at Lee Hall, which faces the threat of 300 new homes
  • Scrapped a £2m community grant to be paid by developers building at Roscoes Farm

To make matters worse they accused Councillor David Wilkinson of LYING when he exposed their plans, then just 7 days after the election which they won, they pressed ahead with the very plans he had exposed.

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  1. As the council contacted United Utilities to see where all the extra water is going to come from & where the waste water is to go?

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