Revealed: Labour’s plan to build 5,000 houses on Westhoughton’s open spaces

The Welland / Sainsbury's land

Westhoughton’s last-remaining open spaces could be sold off to housing developers under plans prepared by Labour council bosses.

Up to 5,000 houses could be built if the all the plans go ahead.

Say NO to the 5,000 houses

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Bolton Council has offered up a number of sites to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework to “ensure that we have the right land in the right places to deliver the homes and jobs we need up to 2035”.

Westhoughton residents will be horrified to learn that the sites put forward by Bolton Council include:

Open space at Quakerfields


Open space at Collingwood Way

Collingwood Way

Open space behind Oxlea Grove

Oxlea Grove

Public open space along Hindley Road

Hindley Road

Open space near Eatock Way

Eatock Way

Land next to Sainsbury’s and The Welland

The Welland / Sainsbury's land

Former council yard off Park Road

Council yard

Land adjacent to The Gates primary school behind Church Street

Land near The Gates

Council bosses also asked other landowners what sites they wanted to develop for houses. They needed no encouragement to submit vast areas of Westhoughton, including:

  • Land to the west of Wingates Industrial Estate
  • Bowlands Hey, to the north of Wigan Road and the west of Church Street
  • Burnt House Farm, north of Dobb Brow
  • Lee Hall from Chequerbent roundabout to Wigan boundary
  • Lands Farm from Hindley Road to Atherton
  • Ditchers Farm from the A6 to the motorway
  • Land off Chew Moor Lane, going up the slope of Snydale Hill
  • Land between Bolton Road and the A6, west of Snydale Gate Farm
  • The entire Hulton estate (land between Lee Hall, Newbrook Road, the A6 and Atherton)
  • Land north of the A6 up to the motorway between Chequerbent and Four Lane Ends

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson is campaigning against the over-development of Westhoughton because he believes the town’s infrastructure cannot cope with extra houses.

He said: “These plans are very worrying. Westhoughton’s roads are already struggling to cope with a huge amount of traffic.”

It comes as Bolton Council permitted 106 houses on Roscoes Farm but allowed the developers to escape paying more than £2 million in community funding by £2million – money that was supposed to be spent on education, health and providing affordable homes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8QD_wWntBE?rel=0&showinfo=0]

Westhoughton residents are urged to support David Wilkinson for Westhoughton South and Derek Gradwell for Westhoughton North in the Thursday 5 May local elections to send a strong message: no infrastructure, no more houses.


  1. Oh my they are literally wanting to build on every spare bit of land. This will be great for local businesses and as long as they make it affordable, families like ourselves, might be able to move into a property more appropriate for the size of our family. But and it’s a big but, our roads are already too busy, our primary schools stretched, nurseries with long waiting lists, our leisure facilities not enough, our park in need are serious investment, our health centre in need of investment, nhs dentists full and gp surgeries stretched. So the question is, building on our land will they invest in our infrastructure?

    1. I can answer for you sarah…NO!..Bolton council Do not give a Toss!..Money is their Only motivation probably so More Mosques can be built in Bolton!

  2. I cannot believe that they can be seriously considering any further development in Westhoughton. The road infrastructure is already vastly insufficient without these extra developments. There are not enough school places, doctors or dentist places now. Seeing as the 106 homes have been approved for Roscoes farm and Aldi and both accessing via the already gridlocked Bolton road in direct vicinity of Whs, what will the quality of life be like for residents in this area, what about the welfare and safety of our children going to and from school. Every bit of green space we have in our once beautiful town is being taken from us. Come on really, enough is enough no more building in Westhoughton please!.

  3. And more for gods sake when are Bolton Council going to be stopped from doing..”Whatever they want”..Its bloody outrageous!..Now they want to build at the land at the Far end of Collingwood way 129 houses!..Which is Farm land and the owner has been refusing to let Dog owners walk their dogs on the same land claiming..”Dog faeces stops me letting my sheep on this land”..When we All know it was about stopping the use so he could sell the land and Let more houses be built!..Westhoughton Infrastructure Cannot Cope with “Any more… People,Houses,Cars etc etc!..We must All write personally to Demand an End to More development!..Write to bolton planning department or use this website http://www.planningpa.bolton.gov.uk

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong. Firstly the farmer in question has never owned that piece of land. And just rents it on a simple grazing license. Which means he can be thrown off with very little notice. Secondly to let your dog exercise on private land without permission is totally wrong and illegal. Thirdly your dog like all dog’s naturally carries certain worms that are harmless to the dog but fatal to sheep. And fourthly Bellways have owned that land since 1989. And finally it’s totally wrong and slanderous to put up a remark on a social media site like this about someone who has worked hard to maintain and keep it as it is, which makes it so attractive to everyone without finding out the true facts.

  4. I have lived in Westhoughton for the last 20 years and I remember when I fist moved here it was clean, well looked after and an excellent place to shop. Now it just over run with houses and nothing ever gets spent on Westhoughton anymore. Westhoughton doesn’t need any more houses, it’s already a disgrace with the amount of traffic and more houses will make it 10 times as worse. Parking is bad aswell, the developers are throwing houses up but there is no plans of extra doctors, schools etc. Why Westhoughton? the place that everyone use to love is going to pot.

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