Revealed: Map shows Asons was NOT eligible for £300,000 council grant


A map has revealed that Asons solicitors was not eligible for a town centre grant despite Bolton Council giving £300,000 to the rich firm.

The firm’s offices in Churchgate fall outside of the area eligible for funding from the Town Centre Investment Scheme.

It raises fresh questions as to why Westhoughton’s three Labour councillors backed the controversial grant which was awarded in secret.

Councillors Anna-Marie Watters, Kevan Jones and David Chadwick all supported their leader Cliff Morris’s decision to give taxpayers’ money away.

Westhoughton Labour councillors

Westhoughton Liberal Democrat councillor David Wilkinson said: “This makes you wonder even more why this grant was given.”

The company is owned by a man who has openly bragged about driving around in his sixth Lamborghini.

Akram brags about his Lamborghini purchase
Akram brags about his Lamborghini purchase

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