Revealed: Truth behind Labour councillors who claim to defend Westhoughton from house builders

Labour's housing lies

Anyone who listens to Westhoughton’s Labour councillors would think they were right behind residents’ in their fight against plans for thousands of new houses.

Just yesterday one councillor claimed they would “fight to defend our green fields”.

Sadly, this is far from the reality.

All three Labour councillors who represent Westhoughton South had a chance to reject the plan which led to developers coming forward with all of these housing sites. And yet they blew that chance.

In February 2017 Bolton councillors voted on whether to throw out the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework after developers proposed scores of new housing sites across Westhoughton.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework
Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

All three Westhoughton representatives rejected the motion by local Liberal Democrat campaigners to withdraw from the Framework.

So next time Labour tell you they will “fight to defend our green fields” remember their voting record. When they had a chance to defend Westhoughton they failed miserably.


  1. There are marks on this map showing daisy hill I wouldn’t even bother Trying to destroy this village any more I promise you now I’ll burn any machinery making any attempt to destroy it any more than you idiots have already done .. also note this councillors I’ll be coming for YOU !

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