Revealed: When Daisy Hill bridge will be replaced

Daisy Hill station
Councillor Neil Maher at Daisy Hill railway station
Councillor Neil Maher at Daisy Hill railway station

It has been announced that the Daisy Hill railway bridge will be replaced with work due to start around July. It is expected to take nine months to complete.

Some new information on the replacement of the ailing bridge has emerged this week.

Westhoughton town councillor Neil Maher said: “We’ve been told that the way the bridge was going to be replaced has changed. The proposed temporary bridges either side of current bridge have been dropped and the work will be contained within the current bridge. There will be pedestrian access across the railway.

“Network Rail have stated that the new bridge must raised by 150mm to accommodate cables in the event that Network Rail electrify the line.

“The time period of around nine months is still the same and work is expected to be started in July.

“We have previously asked Bolton Council that a road management plan is put in place and that information is made widely available to reduce diverted traffic in Daisy Hill and Westhoughton.”

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  1. Please insist that a thorough study is carried out about the impact of the closure on the traffic flow around Westhoughton and that as many as possible alternative routes are provided and well signed. There is plenty of time for this to happen and no excuses for a complete bottleneck in the area.

  2. Suitable traffic diversions are vital to help the wellbeing of all the local residents. There are very real concerns that, if Wearish Lane is used, as it is not suitable for really heavy traffic especially lorries.

  3. Totally agree with the first two comments. At which points on the north and south approach to the Daisy Hill Bridge will the road be closed? Hartford Road and Washacre could be really busy and congested unless non essential traffic is diverted at the Masons Arms and Cricketers Way.
    Could the council also look at installing permanent traffic calming measures on Lower Leigh Road near to Casson Fold nursery during the nine months of reduced traffic? This would be a huge benefit if coupled with a 30 mph permanent change along this speed track. The previous Labour led council would only consider looking at this if there was a serious or fatal accident!!!

  4. No doubt that the France Street / The Hoskers “rat run” which is already a problem, will be many times worse than it is now, with speeding, HGVs, other safety issues and environmental issues causing mayhem. I have written to Bolton MBC asking for their trafffic management plan, including their measures to limit impact on residential roads, but unsurprisingly no reply is yet forthcoming. This is a numbers game and we need everyone to raise the issue. There’s a template letter available to fill in and send to BMBC available via the local Neighbourhood Watch website.

  5. Surely the project management paln and environmental impact study that Network Rail should provide potential alternatives to full closure,,? I would expect that alternatives, such as partial closure, with temporary traffic control measures should be a real time plan, and even a ‘one way’ system ? to alleviate the impact on surrounding roads/ infrastructure, which is not designed for heavy or medium sized goods vehicles,
    Plus, the current state of the local road systems around the Daisy Hill area are in a poor state, which would lead to more damage and breakdown pof these surfaces.

  6. Could the council please ensure that the traffic is not diverted through France Street and The Hoskers but the main A roads in the area. The roads through the Daisy Hill estate are not in a good state of repair to carry additional heavy goods traffic plus the congestion it is going to cause will be horrendous.

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