Road repairs for Mabel Street face delays

Mabel Street
Mabel Street

Who would have thought filling in a pothole could be so complicated?

When residents of Mabel Street contacted Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson to ask him for help in getting their road repaired, he was only too happy to help.

But his request was greeted with this response from Bolton Council:

“I can confirm the inspector has attended site and created a Work Order for the asset management team to consider on a future work programme.”

David said: “Talk about going round the houses. It wouldn’t take long to get this bit of road filled in but instead we are faced with weeks of delays. If it were Bolton town centre, no doubt it would be done in a flash.”

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  1. Mable street road repairs … Usual road repairs throw some tarmac in and smack it down with a spade that’s what we’ve been getting all over the place poor work all round….. David Wilkinson it’s very good of you pointing the bad areas to get repaired but you should go check they are done correctly because there NOT !!. I vidioed these joker’s on Wigan road so called fixing the holes … highway maintenance vehicles… Contacted to do this work total shit ..that job and the rest will all need doing again. An as for market Street that last major repair out side the market is a joke..! No proper base so it’s saged again all over and those clowns Laid
    the old blocks back with a mismatch of white paint blobs on each cobble instead of either replacing or spin it over those type can go either way . So all that’s going to need doing again tax payer money ,

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