Safety review after car crashes into Wigan Road shop

Wigan Road bend

A review into road safety has been called for after a car careered into a corner shop at the bend in Wigan Road.

The car came off the road and hit the Premier convenience store this week, making it the latest incident in this location.

The crash at Wigan Road this week
The crash at Wigan Road this week

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson has asked Bolton Council to review road safety measures. He said: “This isn’t the first time we’ve had an incident in this location so I think we need to look at the area to see if anything can be done to warn drivers to approach the bend more carefully.

“It terrifying to think that a lot of children go in and out of the Premier store and the footpath along there is well used. We were lucky this time that no pedestrians were injured but things could have been a lot, lot worse.”

A council spokesman has told us: “Once we have the police accident report we can review to look at causation factors. Driver error is quite often the issue in these circumstances but that will be part of the information that the police should provide.”


  1. I agree totally, that this is a bad bend and speed should be safely recognised all the times. I live on King Street and the speed the motorists come up the road is unbelievable that there has never been an accident. We have however, now, got speed signs saying ’20’ but, if you blink you will miss them as they are so small, so if there is an accident I would not be surprised. On Captain Lees estate it is ’20’ on the roads, but this is painted so large on the road itself that the speed sign cannot be missed.

  2. Worthless .. all those cars crashed into that shop have young drivers speeding and lost it on the bend you will never cure speed with a sign an speed cameras are another waist as once your past you speed up again . Cheapest option is steel bollards like near daisy hill station but this time a longer base section for depth and some proper company to fit them as up to now everything done around here has been done by total D/head companies . Sort it Wilkinson Make sure the base is longer than the top and fitted properly .

  3. I get sick of seeing people speed round there – it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed, and then it’s too late. Speed bumps on the approach in both directions would sort the problem – bollards or signs don’t force people to slow down, speed bumps do.

    1. You obviously have no idea on traffic problems speed bumps on a major road like that would totally back up traffic more than it usually is plus a speeding car over speed humps is out of control young drivers have no fear of speed humps . Bollards deflect impact plus a driver would want to steer away from ramming into static bollards the car would come worse off . Speed humps lol

  4. Definately need bollards /crash barriers at least they would provide some amount of safety behind them ,plus drivers would certainly want to avoid a collision into them .sez Billy P

  5. Problem is that some folk cawn’t drive, I mean that shop is bright yellow, you can’t miss it ….

    Well that is unless you go round the bend to fast and then you really can’t miss it, because you will then crash into it …

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