Should litter bug motorists be fined?

Should motorists be fined for dropping litter?
Should motorists be fined for dropping litter?

Councils across the country are calling on the government to award them new powers to fine motorists who throw litter from their vehicles.

It is already possible for motorists to be fined in London for throwing out plastic bottles, cigarette butts, food wrappers and other rubbish.

The Local Government Association says it is difficult, dangerous and costly for councils to have to pick up the rubbish.

For example, around 80 tonnes of litter from cars was lifted in an annual clear-up on 18 miles of A-roads in north Hertfordshire.

Some 23% of motorists admit to having thrown litter out of the car, the LGA’s research suggests.

LGA environment spokesman Peter Box said: “The litter louts who blight our roads and cost council taxpayers millions in clean-up costs are currently getting away scot-free thanks to a legal loophole.”

But what do you think? Should motorists be fined for throwing litter from their vehicles?

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