Southfield Drive road repairs to be carried out

Southfield Drive
Southfield Drive

Southfield Drive is going to have bad bits of broken road surface patched up.

The potholes and road break up at the entrance to Lower Southfield and Roundthorn Lane will be repaired.

Others bad bits along Southfield Drive are sadly not be included.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “These patch repairs are welcome but we will keep campaigning for the whole road to be improved. It is a bus route and is breaking up badly.”


  1. Make sure it’s repair is done correctly not like all the other shit gypsy work about the town the worst is bottom of hindley road from near the garden center what a total joke that is . I’d want to see the road damage cut out square stilsaw remove all the sunken rubbish hard core replace with new Wacker to death over 1 hours worth per square meter re tarmac with high grade tarmac not that cheap flake rubbish that’s popping up all over which breaks up after several months then roll it flat ! So it actually blends in with the road … There’s bumps everywhere in the roads because clowns can’t gauge the amount of tarmac !! Instead of putting it in low and to suit they throw to much in then try to compress it down which it doesn’t then leave it humped up.. So ! Mr willkinson it’s very good of you pointing the damage out and then the council sub contractors to repair but it’s not !!!!!!! Done properly it’s fucked all over the place … If all roads was done properly from the start there wouldn’t need any repairs …..so wilki go watch these clowns at work vidio it, you could get £200 quid a day from the TV shows

  2. Its time they did some thing about France street including the roundabout ,also Hartford road ,the sunken manholes three in number and the ridges on st George’s ave.

  3. When are they going to do the big holes on France street one on the roundabout where you turn in and great big one further. Due to vans always being parked on the bend you annotmiss them

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