Stunning victories for Liberal Democrats in Westhoughton


Westhoughton Liberal Democrats have won two stunning victories in the Daisy Hill and Wingates by-elections.

Rebekah Fairhurst and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon were elected to Westhoughton Town Council to represent the Daisy Hill and Wingates wards respectively.

Daisy Hill voted 56% for Rebekah and Wingates 53% for Bernadette, some of the biggest victories that the Liberal Democrats have ever seen in the town.

Daisy Hill by-election results

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson said: “I am absolutely thrilled with the result. The people of Westhoughton have spoken well and truly, rejecting Labour outright and opting for our vision of putting Westhoughton first again.”

Bernadette said: “I am shocked. Just a few weeks ago I was your average resident like anyone else and now, here I am, representing the people of Wingates. People like me were fed up with the ways things are and I hope I can offer a strong voice for our area.”

Wingates by-election results

Rebekah added: “Daisy Hill has long been forgotten by Labour, while Westhoughton has been used as a cash cow for Bolton. People want to feel like their representatives are proud of Westhoughton. I want the town to succeed and for it to be able to stand on its own two feet.”

If you too are a resident who wants to make a difference, join the Liberal Democrats today.


  1. Great results, should make Westhoughtons voice stronger against Morris and his cronies . Many thanks to David Wilkinson for his fight for Westhoughtons rights long may it continue.

  2. One of the main reasons i voted Lib Dem for the first time ever was they were at doors, leafletting and online doing their bit, nice to see. At the next general election i will be looking at EU opinions before i vote. I am an outer by the way. Well done in Westhoughton though.

  3. Lets Hope those Bolton Councillors listen to the people votes with the liberals taking head way in the elections, Bolton only think of their own never the out lying districts whom pay their council taxes and nothing in return, the way the council has destroyed Bolton is criminal, People go to Bury Market for their shopping the large stores are leaving and in all the place is a mess, time for the leaders to call it a day and let new blood take the town to a new level for the people.

    1. They still have a majority on Westhoughton Town Council. We will try to work constructively to change things, although of course we are not adverse to being a nuisance if it means we can get things done!

      1. Well if the Labour Councillors have any common sense they must realise that the people of Westhoughton need to be listen too, or in the next elections they may be out, they have not ( the labour Councillors ) gone against the Bolton lot have they ?, money spent unwisely, not looking what the Infrastructure is in place for all these Housing developments, well lets tell them eh NONE, with voting labour in the pass but not any more, we want Councillors for Westhoughton not BOLTON.

  4. I also voted Lib Dem in this local election, but was horrified to learn how poor the turnout was, considering all the hard work that went into publicising the election. It is disgraceful that so many citizens are not voting in elections of any sort. I wish something could be done to change this poor state of affairs in our country. It must start at local level.

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