The ugly face of Westhoughton Labour is finally unmasked


An ugly side to Westhoughton Labour has emerged this week after one of their councillors launched a personal attack on local campaigner David Wilkinson, branding him a “donkey”.

In another attack, a social media page that often supports Labour posted a picture of David wearing an eye patch to mock him.

The childish attacks have been criticised by Westhoughton residents. When one asked whether they thought it was appropriate, they responded: “Very appropriate.”

The picture was later removed after the backlash for residents.

One resident told us: “It’s disgusting hopefully it will get you more votes! Pathetic and childish.”

David responded: “We haven’t got time for this. I am out and about every day meeting Westhoughton residents and listening to their concerns. Sadly we’ve now come to expect these sorts of things from Labour.”


  1. Crazy and childish politics, well done to David and the team for there campaigning and the results achieved I.e. White Horse traffic lights massive pot holes dealt with after their campaign.
    Carry on the good work

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