Three Liberal Democrat councillors elected in Westhoughton

David Wilkinson, Derek Gradwell and John Ainscough
David Wilkinson, Derek Gradwell and John Ainscough

We are delighted to report that not only was David Wilkinson re-elected as a Westhoughton councillor, but he is now joined by Liberal Democrats’ John Ainscough and Derek Gradwell.

David said: “We are thrilled that we now have a strong team, with years of experience in different areas, to step up the campaign against Labour’s stranglehold over our town. For years Westhoughton has been forgotten by Labour while they have lavished money at Bolton town centre.

“Now it is time for change and we can’t wait to get started.”

David, John and Derek represent The Hoskers and Hart Common ward on Westhoughton Town Council.

Labour have a poor record in the ward. They sparked a by-election when one of their councillors failed to attend a single meeting for SIX MONTHS.

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