THREE new shops to be built on Market Street

Former Gaitey snooker hall site

Three new shops are to be built on Market Street at the old snooker hall site.

The shops will be built on the derelict land next to The Beer School – but it almost never happened!

Shortsighted Labour councillors in Westhoughton previously APPROVED plans for houses on the site. One Labour councillor even said you would be “living in cloud cuckoo land” if you thought businesses would want to open in Westhoughton.

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson, who is proud to back our town’s independent businesses, welcomed the news that shops would be built on the site instead.

Councillor David Wilkinson at the Gaiety site
Councillor David Wilkinson at the Gaiety site

David said: “This is brilliant news. Our town centre is booming and it’s great to see that we will have even more shops opening. We should be very proud of what is happening in Westhoughton.”

Town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon added: “I love our high street. There’s a real buzz about it now and that’s all down to local people opening businesses and residents getting behind them.”



  1. Great news, at last Westhoughton is trying to keep up with other towns, everywhere we need to drive
    A new restaurant has opened on the A6 – The Pine Tree, please please please can Westhoughton have a similar restaurant where everyone can walk to and enjoy
    Everyone is so pleased with the new openings on Market Street, The Beer School, The Kitchen, Koo bar, more more more!!!!

  2. Aye,,,, we need new shops in Westhoughton, BUT do yoo really want a Subway, Starbucks and a Poundland in Howfen …………….

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