Proposed Wingates logistics site

Wingates logistics estate is unveiled

Plans for a huge logistics site on green fields in Wingates have now been submitted to Bolton Council for a decision.

Development company Harworth, which is a subsidiary of Peel, the company behind the 1,000 houses and golf course approved at Hulton Estate, plans to build on land between the existing industrial estate and Dicconson Lane.

Wingates town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon said: “We believe if this application is given approval then other applications will come in from developers for the rest of the green belt sites and farms in the Wingates, Four Gates and Dicconson Lane areas.”

The entrance would be from Whimberry Hill on the A6. The site goes along the A6 from the current industrial estate towards Four Gates and behind the ATS tyre centre.

The proposed site would be 33 hectares. There would be one very large warehouse, five others and three smaller units for industrial or logistics use. There is a possibility of a food outlet on the site.

Developers claim the site would create 1,500 jobs. They also say there will be “minimal” problems from the extra traffic but they will carry out some works including painting white lines at the junctions along the A6 at Dicconson Lane, Whimberry Hill, Church Street and Bolton Road.

The proposed units have been moved away from the original planned location near Chorley Road and they have been reduced in height to lessen the visual impact of the buildings.

If you have any views, either for or against, you can register your comments with Bolton Council either in writing or via the website. Use planning application number 04766/18 when make your views heard.

Hartley's Farm development at Wingates Lane

Bitter blow to Wingates as inspector approves Hartley’s Farm plans

Plans for 58 houses at Hartley’s Farm have been granted permission thanks to hated Tory planning rules.

A planning inspector has decided to approve the development off Wingates Lane just before the motorway.

Wingates town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon said: “The very poor road conditions on Church Lane and Wingates Lane and the loss of another large area of open green space was not enough to persuade the inspector to listen to the concerns of local residents.”

“I’m really angry about this decision. It completely disregards everything we have been warning about for months.”

Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon on Wingates Lane
Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon on Wingates Lane

The developer will provide no new facilities to cope with the pressure of a growing population in Wingates.

The decision was based on the fact that Bolton Council does not have enough land allocated to meet the Government’s requirements for a five year supply.

However, there are thousands of plots across the country with planning permission which have not yet been developed which would meet that target.

Even with every planning permission granted under the rules from the Tory Government it means the five year supply is never met and developers can keep land banking sites and not build a single house.

Thanks to these rules from the Tory Government not a single field in Westhoughton is safe from development – possibly opening up the prospect of up to 10,000 new houses across the town.

David Wilkinson with Rebekah Fairhurst and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon

Two brilliant women are the fresh choice for Westhoughton

Two “brilliant” women have been selected to be candidates for the Daisy Hill and Wingates wards in the upcoming Westhoughton town council by-elections.

Rebekah Fairhurst will represent Daisy Hill and Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon will campaign for Wingates on behalf of Westhoughton Liberal Democrats.

The by-elections were sparked after one Labour town councillor quit following the Asons scandal and another was disqualified for failing to attend meetings.

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson said: “Both Rebekah and Bernadette would be brilliant town councillors. They are a much-needed fresh voice for our town which Labour is no longer fit to represent.”

Labour can be stopped but only if enough people vote for Rebekah and Bernadette. The Liberal Democrats were only 127 votes from winning in Westhoughton in May 2016.

How Westhoughton voted in May 2016

How Westhoughton voted in May 2016

Westhoughton Labour councillor quits and another sacked as Asons scandal grows

A Labour councillor has quit Westhoughton Town Council, criticising the controversial £300,000 grant to Asons solicitors and calling upon Bolton Council leader Cliff Morris to resign, while a second councillor has been kicked off the council for failing to attend.

The growing scandal has now engulfed Westhoughton Labour after all three of the party’s borough councillors SUPPORTED the £300,000 grant.

Barbara Dodds, who was elected to the Wingates ward in 2015, confirmed her resignation in an e-mail to her Labour colleagues on December 8.

In the e-mail she said: “It is with regret that I am resigning as ward councillor. I appreciate that it is a difficult time but I feel the residents of Wingates need representing and I am unable to attend any of the said meetings.

“I am also disappointed for the granting of £300,000 to a solicitors is not the best way to spend tax payers money when the budget has been squeezed so much over the last few years. I feel the priorities have been muddied and agree that the leader should resign over this decision.”

A second Labour councillor was disqualified from continuing as a town councillor for the Daisy Hill ward after failing to attend meetings for more than six months.

Cllr David Wilkinson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Westhoughton Town Council, said: “I am saddened to hear that Wingates will be losing Barbara but her comments about Bolton Council’s grant to Asons are in line with the thinking of many residents of Westhoughton and across the whole of Bolton.

“Barbara’s straight talking about the Asons issue highlights the secrecy with which Cliff Morris handled this waste of public money and the failure of Labour’s councillors who have backed the grant.”

Wingates Industrial Estate

New mega industrial estate for Wingates

Plans for a new MEGA industrial estate in Wingates have emerged causing concern for residents.

In 2016 Labour-run Bolton Council encouraged developers to submit sites for potential future development for housing and industrial units.

Developers have suggested they would like to develop a huge swathe of land running from the current Wingates Industrial Estate along the A6 to Dicconson Lane and all the way down to the railway line.

If it were to be built it would see almost every green field concreted over and hundreds of extra heavy goods vehicles on Wingates’ congested roads.

Your Westhoughton Liberal Democrat team is encouraging residents to have their say on the plans before it is too late.

The deadline for comments is this Monday 16 January at midnight. To submit your views click here.

Major resurfacing for Wingates junction

A major road resurfacing programme is to take place in Wingates this month. 

The A6 between the junctions with Church Lane and Dixon Street will be completely resurfaced. 

Church Street from the junction with the A6 to Holden Lea will also be resurfaced. 

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson had called for action because the busy nature of the area, especially around the junction, had left the road surface worn out. 


David said: “There is inevitably going to be some disruption during the resurfacing works, but this improvement is absolutely needed. It is something I had been asking for for quite some time so I am pleased that it is now being done.”

Temporary traffic lights will operate during off-peak hours between Saturday 25 July and Friday 23 August. 

‘Smelly brook’ thing of the past

Councillor David Wilkinson at the brook

Councillor David Wilkinson at the brook

Smelly and discoloured water will hopefully be a thing of the past for a brook in Westhoughton.

Pennington Brook, which runs from Church Street to Dobb Brow and into Daisy Hill had suffered from the problem for a year.

Councillor David Wilkinson raised the issue with the Environment Agency who have since investigated what the cause is.

David said: “A food company on Wingates Industrial Estate had connected a foul water drain into a surface water drain, which resulted in brightly coloured water and an awful stink.”