Tory councillor loses bid to AXE Westhoughton’s CCTV cameras


A Tory councillor has been criticised for attempting to scrap Westhoughton’s town centre CCTV system.

The seven cameras, which cover the town centre including Market Street and Pavillion Square, cost Westhoughton Town Council just £6,568, a year.

But councillor Phil Ashcroft attempted to block the renewal of the cameras for the next two years. He told a meeting on Monday night: “We should get rid of them. They are costing residents too much money.”

The Conservative government has already cut hundreds of police officers from Greater Manchester Police and Westhoughton’s police post was forced to close to save money.

Westhoughton Liberal Democrat councillor David Wilkinson defend the CCTV.

He said that they were still “a useful tool”, adding: “I agree that they will not deter a bunch of criminals; if they want to do something they will do it and there will always be that sort of situation but CCTV as a whole is effective.”

Fellow town councillors agreed with Cllr Wilkinson and the CCTV was renewed.

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