Tory councillor’s bid to scrap Westhoughton CCTV cameras


A Tory plan to scrap Westhoughton’s town centre CCTV cameras was thwarted.

The seven cameras, which cover Market Street and Pavillion Square, cost Westhoughton Town Council just £6,568 per year. Police have said that the cameras have provided crucial evidence in a number of cases.

The reckless plan to scrap the cameras was suggested by a Tory councillor who has now quit his role on the town council after toxic infighting in the local Conservative party. A by-election is being held in the White Horse ward on Thursday 8 March.

It comes as Bolton West Tory MP Chris Green has failed to challenge his boss Theresa May over the loss of 2,000 police officers across Greater Manchester.

Westhoughton has seen its policing team reduced by half. It is clear that the Tories are out of touch with crime issues in Westhoughton.

White Horse by-election candidate Deirdre McGeown said: “I’m concerned about the crime situation in Westhoughton but annoyed that the people who represent us don’t seem to be listening. Labour’s town council leader has dismissed the crime issue and the Tories wanted to scrap our vital town centre CCTV. They are both out of touch.

“I’ve been really impressed by the work already done by my fellow campaigners Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and David Wilkinson and I would like to think that I can give residents like you and I a stronger voice on the town council.”


  1. I’d like to exactly what the council is doing with all the council tax money being paid by the people of westhoughton . As it sure as shit ain’t being put back into the town . Every roads is knackered church Street is a pot hole heaven . Litter is all over the place no public bins no fine for litter only dog shit which ends up as Christmas decorations in the trees . Litter is worse than dog shit get some community service on the job that’s free.. also go to Chester zoo steal some monkeys and give them a job at the town hall then things will get done around here and monkeys don’t tell lies like Bolton council .. OOOOhhooooHH???

  2. Agree with you that I too would like to see where all our council tax money is spent especially the bit for Westhoughton. Any one have any answers that are believable!

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