Washacre road repairs to be carried out – at last!

Councillor David Wilkinson on Washacre
Councillor David Wilkinson on Washacre

Washacre’s worst potholes are finally to be repaired after a long campaign by the Liberal Democrats.

Motorists have complained about the appalling condition of Washacre. It is probably one the worst roads in Westhoughton.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “We have been pushing Bolton Council for repairs. We have now got a bit of good news, the council is going to carry out patching work to the sunken and broken trench which runs the full length of Washacre.

“Whilst we are always happy to get any work done on Westhoughton’s roads we did point out to the council that road is knackered and full resurfacing is really needed.”

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