Washacre traffic fears as Winifred Kettle car park still not built

David Wilkinson at Winifred Kettle
David Wilkinson at Winifred Kettle
David Wilkinson at Winifred Kettle
David Wilkinson at Winifred Kettle

Traffic chaos could come to Washacre if the new car park for the revamped Winifred Kettle health facility is not built before it opens later this month, it is feared.

The centre, which will offer a range of community health services, is set to reopen in May but work has yet to begin on its new, extended car park.

Westhoughton town councillor David Wilkinson has raised concerns that a traffic nightmare could develop along the bus route.

David said: “I am concerned that Washacre residents are going to face some serious parking problems if the centre opens without the parking that will be needed to accommodate the visitors it will receive.”

David has asked Bolton Council to clarify the situation.

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