Westhoughton families needed for new TV show

Shop Smart

Westhoughton families are needed for a new TV show about saving money but still enjoying life’s luxuries.

The programme will be presented by familiar household names, the Leeds-based production company True North has said.

The show is all about saving money but still enjoying lives’ luxuries. It will be filled with tips and tricks for shopping in your supermarket, on your high street and even your best deals online. It will air on a weekday evening for four weeks in June.

A spokesman for True North told us: “We are looking for families to take part in different parts of the program such as meeting experts, testing out products and seeing how well you budget your weekly shop.

“We are looking for families preferably with children, but we would love to hear from anyone who is interested.”

To apply e-mail savemoney@truenorth.tv

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  1. What sort of people are they after, Riff Raff ????

    I am a council tenant on a crap estate, so I wonder if they would consider me.

    Is it to be a ‘Shameless’ type of show …

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