Westhoughton is at a crossroads. This is why your vote for David Wilkinson is so important

David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson

Westhoughton is at a crossroads – and you can decide which way it goes when you vote on Thursday.

Our Labour councillors have a lot to answer for:

  • spending £18m in Bolton while neglecting Westhoughton’s roads
  • wasting £2m on unwanted slim bins
  • approving new houses while allowing developers to escape paying £2m in community funding
  • supporting houses on Gaiety snooker hall site rather than much-needed shops

Westhoughton can elect someone who will stand up for our town rather than answering to Labour chiefs in Bolton town hall.

We are overwhelmed by the 3,000 people from all walks of life who have backed Councillor David Wilkinson’s campaign for a better Westhoughton. He is the only person who tells you what is happening and his actions speak louder than Labour’s empty words:

  • filling hundreds of potholes across Westhoughton
  • opposing the 300 new homes at Lee Hall
  • calling for slim bins to be scrapped
  • launching a campaign to boost our town centre
  • working with independent and small businesses
  • calling for a proper health centre for our growing town
  • backed grants to protect Eatock Lodge and Hall Lee nature reserves
  • wants Westhoughton’s football pitches maintained properly

Every vote is going to count. Westhoughton has often been a close fight between Labour and the Liberal Democrats. David has won and lost by two votes in previous years. The Conservatives have not won here for 25 years and Ukip have not won at all.

Westhoughton has a promising future – let’s reach it together.

Please support David Wilkinson for Westhoughton South ward or Derek Gradwell for Westhoughton North. Polls are open 7am until 10pm, Thursday 5 May.

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