Westhoughton Labour chief dismisses crime fears saying ‘it is not the Bronx’

Police tape

Labour’s town council leader used a recent meeting to declare that there is “no massive crime wave” in Westhoughton and that “it is not the Bronx”.

The comment is likely to raise eyebrows with residents following recent reports of armed robberies and thieves breaking into family homes.

Concerned residents will also be alarmed to learn that a Tory councillor tried to scrap Westhoughton’s vital town centre cameras.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Westhoughton campaigners Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon and David Wilkinson have put crime at the top of the agenda. Now, with the support of our White Horse by-election candidate Deirdre McGeown, there is a fresh voice for our town.

Residents have been able to quickly alert their neighbours to criminal activity through our popular Facebook page My Westhoughton, while the team are campaigning for Westhoughton’s policing numbers to be restored. If you agree, add your name to the campaign.


  1. Westhoughton is easy picking for criminals dew to the increase of new houses .. more cars to steal more houses to break-in the owners are all in bed early as they work miles away and have to get up early to beat the traffic of which is getting worse soon it will take longer to get to work than actual hours worked. crime will keep going up no proper jobs letting all the immigrants in just a massive circle .. the easiest way to bring down crime is get as many Facebook friends lol you can get club together buy a couple of CCTV cameras each house pointing into directions in the streets link them on a web site so they can be tracked to and from .. that’s it … Are house is full of cameras pointing everywhere so I know and I can watch it all from a phone sat on a beach in Spain . Technology is to good these days …. Also when the criminal is nicked they should be named and made to street clean every day with thief on there backs on those vis jackets .. they’d soon get pissed off with crime walking around with that on there backs with there name on it prison is a joke ..Make them live in fear instead of people having to go to work .. years ago they would of got a public beating… Wilkinson all you have to do is let the public know who exactly !! On the council is at the back of all westhoughton s problems none of them live round here I’ll put money on that. Some flash house up rivington plenty of trees and green fields all paid for by council tax..

  2. So our labour councillors are willing to just ignore the feelings of over a hundred people at that public meeting earlier in February and then when they want our votes at elections, we remember how they ignored us and vote accordingly!
    Our councillors who supposedly represent us, the public should go out into the community and ask every single resident what we think.

  3. What is the motivation behind downplaying the dreadful wave of crime engulfing Westhoughton ?
    The good people of Westhoughton deserve to be protected so they can live their lives without fear of the crimes that are plaguing Westhoughton right now !
    I would love to know why we are deing abandoned ?

    1. The people in Manchester and other areas are considered a lot more important than us here so they get decent levels of good policing instead of us and we get very little.

  4. Without the presence of a viable police content Houses with the Westhoughton Area are increasingly becoming an easy and relatively risk free target for criminals. It’s a shame that a community containing a majority of council tax payers is receiving less support than Bolton where a larger proporting do not pay council tax. Bring back the police and re-instate the regular crime details that used to be circulated to Home Watch co-ordinators, we need to be aware of the risks that we are taking.

    1. Agree with you about the police and I too wish that they would find the time to reinstate the emails about the area, always made me feel that we were being looked after and that they were listening to our concerns.

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