Westhoughton needs more litter bins

Councillor Neil Maher on Market Street with a litter bin
Councillor Neil Maher on Market Street with a litter bin
Councillor Neil Maher on Market Street with a litter bin
Councillor Neil Maher on Market Street with a litter bin

Westhoughton needs more litter bins to help tackle the scourge of litter on our town’s streets, town councillor Neil Maher has said.

Councillor Maher, who is the Westhoughton South candidate in the upcoming May 6 local elections, has urged Bolton Council to rethink its refusal to provide any new litter bins.

Liberal Democrat town councillors have even offered to pay for new bins from Westhoughton Town Council’s budget, but the proposal has been rejected by town hall chiefs.

Neil said: “We have a big problem with litter in Westhoughton. It’s thanks to dedicated residents that we’ve been able to keep the problem at bay with regular litter picks being carried out over the past few months.

“But we really need to see more bins installed in Westhoughton.”

Let us know where you think new bins should be installed in the comments.


    1. If you would like to do litter picking yourself then we can arrange for litter grabbers and bags to be sent to you. Drop David Wilkinson an email at david@westhoughton-libdems.org.uk with your address and we can sort it for you. Otherwise when rules allow we will try to set up some events on the My Westhoughton page for future volunteering days.

  1. As a regular litter picker especially around Wingates
    Industrial area. I would imagine it is not the bins but the emptying of the bins by the Council that is the problem. The more bins we have the more work that needs to be done to empty them and so the more staff employed and the higher the cost.

  2. I agree a number of bins need placing around Westhoughton in particular at the end of Hartford Road, Daisy Hill. There was a bin there at one time but was removed and never replaced. At the same time the name plate is missing. This has been missing for at least 2 years and although the council have been contacted nothing has been done. This was reported with a response that it takes time to be replaced but surely not over 2 years. Can something be done about this.

    1. The name plate is missing but two new street signs have now been added to the barriers which are more visible for motorists. Sadly they took the bin away and they won’t give us any new ones!

  3. Hello, I recently asked Bolton Council if would be possible to have a Litter Bin installed at the Daisy Hill entrance to Hall Lee Bank Park (next to the station)
    Unfortunately they advised that this was currently not possible. With the increased numbers of People, along with their Dogs, visiting the Park it would be very useful indeed. Maybe you could add this to your list ? …. Thanks, TC

    1. Thanks for your initiative Trevor, sadly Bolton Council refuse to provide any new waste bins in Westhoughton. We will put it forward though as a community bin which residents volunteer to maintain.

    2. Bolton council are happy to install volunteer bin hoops but they have to be changed by volunteers.
      One is going to be installed at Daisy Hill train station in the near future.
      If you have a particular spot in mind for a bin hoop and are happy to change and replace the bag whilst also taking the full bag to a council street bin then get in touch with bolton council on 01204 336689

  4. it dosent help when litter bins are being removed we recently had one removed on holden lea park next to the shelter and now there is a build up of litter and poo bags for the life of me i cannot understand the logic behind this

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