Westhoughton Police Post to be closed down

Ever since the shutting down Westhoughton’s Police Station on Wigan Road, the face of policing in our town has continued to shrink. 

The old police station was replaced by a glorified shop known as the Westhoughton Police Post, near Pavilion Square. Many residents complained that it was hardly ever open. 

Now things are about to get even worse. The police post is being closed down and moved into a room inside Westhoughton Town Hall. 

Westhoughton Councillor David Wilkinson said: “A back room office in the town hall is not exactly a very public face for the police. Most people will not even realise that it is there and many will be put off from going to it. 

“Many people will remember the old police station. Unfortunately since it was shut down things have got worse, not better.”

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